A terminally ill taxi driver in Britain saw an advertisement for a documentary that was soliciting those near death for a very strange request - they wanted to film the mummification process perfected by the Ancient Egyptians. Alan Billis decided to reply to the ad, and after his recent passing, Channel 4 in Britain filmed Mr. Billis being mummified, the first man in 3000 years to be mummified in the manner of the Egyptians. Mr. Billis explained his decision to his wife and three grown children, who subsequently gave their blessing to his desire to leave his body to science.
After his death in January, his internal organs were removed and preserved in jars, with the exception of his brain and heart. The process of mummification then began, where over several months he was wrapped and prepared for what should be a preservation of several millennia. Full story here.
Below are pics of Mr. Billis in the various stages of mummification.

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