Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, even me. There are a few out there that appear to be so far gone that there is no way to find any basis in truth. (Chemtrails... really?) However, there are some pretty far fetched theories that have come to be proven true in the end. Here are just a few.

#1. The Tuskegee Experiment:
        In the early 1930's, the United States government was keen on addressing the issue of Syphilis, a nasty disease that at the time was not readily treatable. What did our wonderful government of the time decide to do? How about go to backwoods Tuskegee, Alabama, round up around 400 mostly poor black men, inject them with the disease, and see what happens. Yes . . . for years it was kept hush hush, but it came to light that our government was not beyond putting its own citizens in possible mortal danger to achieve a result. Way to go...

#2. Operation MKUltra:

        April, 1953. After responding to rumored mind control experiments being conducted by Soviet Russia, our very own CIA founded Operation MKUltra. Tons of time and resources were dumped into a program designed to control your mind! Reportedly ending with no success, the operation was supposedly later tanked to no avail. Or was it...

#3. Operation Northwoods:
        Another attempt to thwart the evil commie bastards. Fidel Castro was put into place as dictator over Cuba by the US Government. Unfortunately, he decided that he didn't like American capitalist pigs so much, and sided with the Russians. This would not do for the CIA, and ultimately lead to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Not so well known was Operation Northwoods. This bugger of a plan not only made it to the final stages of development, but was very near to fruition before ultimately being dropped. The plan was to create a fake Cuban national group stationed in the US, Hijack a plane full of college students under the guise of Cuban nationals while simultaneously launching a replica UAV of the jet, and crashing into a National Monument in order to drum up public support for a Cuban Conflict. They got so far as designing and developing the unmanned jet, and completing successful trial flights. The fact that this plan was so close to being carried out makes some conspiracy theorists look at an event that took place about 10 years ago and say ... hmmmmmmmm.


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