As promised.... Pictures! (Added 6/18)

Earthsky, an online sky watching community, will be doing a free online watching of the asteroid that will be nearly missing the earth tonight.

The asteroid was discovered only days ago. This is a true example of just exactly how vulnerable our small planet is, and despite all of our technological advancements, there are still dangerous things in space that we have yet to discover. Many we will only discover as they pass.

Details and links are available here, and I will try to get some pictures up after the event. Either my own, or some that I can snag off of the Internet.
A whopping 10 camels.

OK, so some people over in the middle east must have REALLY missed the class on how to be effective terrorists.

Perhaps if they had offered something of theirs what was a bit more tantalizing to us infidel American types, like 10 tickets to the Superbowl, or 10 days vacation.

Stupid terrorists....

Or something like it...

It seems that several old skeletons with rods of iron driven through their chests have been found in Bulgaria. Archeologists say this is a fairly common discovery in the area, but hey, the word "Vampire" makes everything more interesting. Everything but Twilight.

Mama told me to poop on a daisy. Mmmmm . . . smell that special daisy!
You will be missed.

Say hello to a few for me.

"And when I don't get them, I'll just rob a bank to pay for them..."

[quote]WAYNESBURG, Pa. - A woman who appeared to not have any teeth in surveillance photos from a western Pennsylvania bank robbery last month has confessed, apologized and told police she planned the heist because she needed the money for dentures.

Evelyn Marie Fuller, 49, of Carmichaels, on Wednesday remained in the Greene County Jail unable to post bond on bank robbery and other charges filed Tuesday by police in Waynesburg, where she allegedly robbed the First National Bank on Jan. 20.

Arresting Officer Tom Ankrom said Fuller explained her motives when she confessed to the crime.

"During her confession, she stated she wanted to use the money to pay for dentures she was unable to get through welfare until next year," Ankrom said.

Read more: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/national/weird-news-toothless-pa-bank-robber-suspect-needed-dentures/article_b1f5b808-4d21-11e1-b427-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1lugOIHav[/quote]

I am wondering what she would have done with the change.....
Here is a slice of geek heaven! It's a sampling of the Star Wars Pinup collection, created by Joseph DeMarco, whose love of Star Wars and WWII pinups led to this beautiful mashup. Long live the Empire! And the Alliance!
More here.

Artists Francois Robert has assembled this collection of images, all of which present an element of danger or death as the result of violence - and they are all made with human bones. He calls the series "Stop The Violence".
More here.

If you are willing and able to shell out enough money to buy a new car, and you are a Star Wars geek to the tenth power, then you should be able to purchase one of these Carbon-Fiber Stormtrooper Suits. If you have to work for the evil empire, you might as well do it style.
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A mound of tires in rural South Carolina is causing a ruckus as reports claim it can be seen from outer space. Covering more than 50 acres, no one seems to know how the approximately quarter million tires happened to gather there, though authorities have charged one person in connection with the giant mound of rubber.
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