Or the other one is, "Bartender says: We dont allow your kind in here, Neutrino walks into a bar..."

Whats all this about? Recently scientists at CERN Physics Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland have reportedly clocked neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light. If these results can be independantly verified to be true, it would mean more than just a speeding ticket for these uber-small particles. The implications would lead to a shake-down of the most fundamental building blocks of modern physics. It would mean that inheritantly and most fundamentally, Einstein was wrong.
Modern scientists disagree on many things when it comes to the universe, such as size, shape, and origins. But one concept has generally been well accepted across the board in the physics community : that the speed of light was the great cosmic barrier that no massive particle can cross. Einsteins second paper, titled "General Relativity", postulated that energy and mass were interchangeably relative to one another. Simply put, it lead to the idea that particles gained mass as they accelerated, and that any mass accelerated to the speed of light would become infinitely massive, and thus would require an infinite amount of energy - essentially making this scenario impossible.

The big question is whether researchers have truly discovered neutrinos going faster than light, or whether they have been fooled by an unidentified error in their experiment, making the time look artificially short. Chang Kee Jung (a neutrino physicist at Stony Brook University in New York) says he’d wager that the result is the product of an unidentified error. “I wouldn’t bet my wife and kids because they’d get mad,” he says. “But I’d bet my house.”

It is still too early to say one way or another, and we are still a long ways off from throwing relativity out of the window. However, the implications are profound, and tantilizing. Basically it means that if were to observe at a great enough distance, we could see the results of our expirement before we start it. These results from the future alone shake the very foundational understanding of how time itself works, and could open the doors to such things as time travel. How friggin cool would THAT be?? For now, we will just have to wait and see, or maybe we can get a sneak peak from the future!


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