In 1968, During the height of the Cultural Revolution in China, Chairman Mao received a basket of mangoes from a Pakistani delegation. Mao dislike mangoes, so he decided to give them away to his favorite propaganda "teams". In the strange and convoluted atmosphere of the Cultural Revolution, these mangoes took on special significance, and were tokens of Mao's approval of the teams over the fanatical "Red Guards" that had run riot throughout the country. The recipients puzzled over how to preserve these tokens of the Chairman's approval.
"The factories and universities that received the mangoes were overfilled with joy at this Great, Greatest, Happiest of Events. Many became obsessed with the question how to preserve the gift. In one case, the mango was put in a small glass box, engraved with an inscription and an image of Mao with rays of sunshine emanating from his head".
Interesting, and slightly bizarre story at chineseposters.


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