A whopping 10 camels.

OK, so some people over in the middle east must have REALLY missed the class on how to be effective terrorists.

Perhaps if they had offered something of theirs what was a bit more tantalizing to us infidel American types, like 10 tickets to the Superbowl, or 10 days vacation.

Stupid terrorists....

If you've ever desired to acquire the skills necessary to wage battle against the undead, then there's a one day military boot camp available just for you in the UK. For about $90, you can spend the day at the Zombie Boot Camp learning crucial weapons skills - including sidearms, grenades and a chainsaw- while wearing full military gear, and top it all off by demonstrating your newly gained skills by "clear(ing) a ware house full of zombies".
A spokesman for wish.co.uk, the group sponsoring the one-day survival course, says ""It's a great idea for a Christmas or birthday present, especially if you want to get something that the person you are buying for would never expect. Plus, if a zombie invasion ever did occur, you might even be able to save the world."
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This is a series of fascinating illustrations detailing six possible scenarios whereby the Axis Powers would invade the United States during World War Two. These appeared in the March 2, 1942 issue of Life magazine, when war fever, fear and paranoia was at a high pitch. All of these plans are horrifying, and would have included landings on the shorelines and bloody battles fought in American cities. Luckily, none of these plans ever came to fruition, as the two gigantic oceans that flank North America proved an insurmountable obstacle, among other things - namely our rapid mobilization to get, en masse, to their area of the world first. This, perhaps more than any other historical fact, proves to me that geography is destiny.
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