Yes, this really happened. Twenty years later, Barbara Walters apparently regrets her interview with the Half-Shell Heroes: "I do not want to go down in history for interviewing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”  Instead, the sometimes-mostly serious Walters would like to be remembered for a gotcha gem like this. Enjoy dude!
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Listen carefully to the audio in this video. The female dispatcher's voice is clear, but the man seems to be slurring his words a bit, which leads me to believe he had more than a pint! In any case, this may have been a crank call . . . but who knows? Either way, it's hilarious to think that someone has actually confused the Moon for a UFO.

Yes, he's discovered something amazing! Or, grown up fun with baby shampoo. Enjoy!
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I remember watching the movie Coogan's Bluff, which is a 1968 Clint Eastwood action flick set in San Fransisco, as an adolescent kid in the 80's. When I watched it, it was the height of Nancy Reagan's"Just Say No" campaign, and the War On Drugs was in full swing. It was a pretty typical crime-action film, and then . . . this scene appeared on the screen. Needless to say, I was a bit confused. First of all, what is a Pigeon Toed Orange Peel? There's the lights, the naked chicks, the song - which is the same name as the club, Pigeon Toed Orange Peel - the spooky images. What in the hell? My parents took the opportunity to tell me that this is what drugs do to you - you end up dancing wildly at a club with a crazy name, to a song of the same name, where half the girls are naked (nothing wrong with that, my 14 year old brain thought), and images of tarantulas and skeletons were flashed everywhere so you could start to feel really groovy.
Needless to say, my parents were on the War on Drugs bandwagon, and thought this a prime moment to school me on the rather deleterious effects of drugs. In retrospect, this movie snippet was nothing more than a badly produced anti-drug PSA, late 60's style. After all, this is what those crazy hippies were up to. So, lock your kids indoors, lest they should escape and end up tripping the light fantastic at the Pigeon Toed Orange Peel!
Due to copious shots of topless go-go girls, probably NSFW.

No kidding. Here is a video that reveals the strange story behind this awful, dead human toe and alcohol infused concoction. Those who a brave - or sick -enough to drink Sourtoe Cocktail are referred to as "Sourtoers". And here's the best part of all - the dead toe has to touch your lips when drinking the mix in order to be considered an official initiate. Watch if you dare!
More on Sourtoe cocktail here and here.

Canon has released a new commercial in Thailand which shows that the best way to capture a woman's love is to don your stalking cap and start following her everywhere . . . while using Canon products to document her every move, of course. While some prolonged, admiring glances are exchanged between stalker guy and the young beauty, he never once attempts to speak to her. Given this, it's rather interesting that she accepts the invitation that he leaves in her locker. But, all is well in the end, for stalking = love, don't cha know?
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Marcos Zotes, an artist based in NYC, projects a creepy, moving eyeball onto the bottom of a water tower in Brooklyn, New York. The effect is at once chilling and instructive, as it speaks to the pervasive surveillance of citizens that exists in the 21st century. Via Neatorama

The video below, created by Max Gilardi, is funny, educational, terrifying, and definitely NSFW. So pay attention kids - this is what happens when you get addicted to "______" (insert drug, food, substance of your choice). Enjoy! Via The Mary Sue.

Four girls under the age of 17 decide to jump a turnstile. These girls are confronted by police. An attempt at arrest is made by the police. The girls decide that they have what it takes to take on the police. The girls end up clubbed and cuffed. Is it me, or are young girls suddenly becoming almost as dangerous and unpredictable as young boys? I am not what you'd call a big fan of the police. As a seemingly endless stream of videos in the last few years has shown, far too many abuse their powers - it's not just "a few bad apples". However, this is ridiculous. When the cops tell you to calm down, it seems to me that it serves you well to do just that, no matter the situation. What bothers me is the age of these kids. Too much reality TV? Lousy parenting? I don't know, but I do know this: when all you have is a bag, and the people on the other side are uniformed and carrying billy clubs, mace and a firearm, I'm putting my money on the other side . . . every time. Full story here.
It's 19 seconds of pure magic. In a 1994 interview, Connie Chung asks Bill Gates if it's true that he can really leap over chairs in a single bound. Watch Super-Bill in action!