Here is a potential gift for your sweetheart or family should you ever leave them for long periods time, or if you just really, really like to look at yourself: An almost perfect 3D replica of your face! The Japanese company Real-f has developed a process whereby a photo image of your face is taken and then molded over a 3D model to create a new "face". Their technology is so advanced that it can capture tiny blood vessels and skin pores as well.  The end result is the slightly disconcerting 3D mold of your face that you see below - that is, if you have $3,920 to spend.
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Below is a list of the 20 strangest sex laws from around the world. Most of them must be outdated, and all of them leave you wondering what could have possibly prompted their creation in the first place. Case in point: #13 - "It is illegal for any member of the Nevada Legislature to conduct official business wearing a penis costume while the legislature is in session".

Some very brave souls decided to find one of the highest bridges in Europe, scope out the territory, and then suspend some two dozen people from this very tall bridge . . . in a jacuzzi. These folks attached ropes from one side of the bridge and then rappelled down these ropes to build a platform to hold the jacuzzi. After several days of training and building, the entire crew, one by one, lowered themselves from the relative safety of the bridge down into the heated waters in the jacuzzi. The full, fascinating document of these intrepid adventurers and their love of jacuzzi induced thrills in the sky can be found here.
The inimitable EnglishRussia has posted a very odd collection of portraits of celebrities in Russian general uniforms. It is important to scroll through the entire page, as some of the best is saved near the end (Elvis, Steve Jobs?). My favorite: Daniel Craig. He just looks like he was made for the part, though I may be thinking more of a Cold War era Soviet general. Which is your favorite? Look at the full list here.
Below is a must see video, but for now... the introduction!
Theo Janson is a kinetic sculpter and builder in Holland. He has used PVC piping to create very life-like structures that harness the wind to move. These creations look like bugs crawling up and down the sand dunes. These things are so realistic that it is almost hard to believe! They seem to effortlessly move around in a strange insect-like way. I know if I had a beach, I would want one. Hell, I want one anyway!

 Make sure to watch this video all the way through. I am absolutely astonished!
A very interesting fellow who goes by the moniker UFO Phil has plans to build a sort of gas station for UFO's -modeled after the famous Giza pyramid - on Alcatraz Island. He claims to be working in conjunction with the United States Government on the massive UFO-powering project, which by his estimation would involve "millions and millions and millions of pounds of limestone bricks" and would be aided by extraterrestrials using CB radios. More on UFO Phil and his plans here.
Thieves that can only be described as both bold and enterprising have made away with an entire bridge in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania. The recession has caused scrap metal to become a valuable commodity, which in turn has led to a rash of metal thefts all across the nation. Places such as abandoned houses, schools and even churches have been frequent targets. Thieves have taken stretches of railway, but have not been able to take an entire bridge - until now. More on the carry-away caper here.