Ex-NASA Scientists have decided that they are not happy with the anti-asteroid efforts of the scientific community and have joined forces to save the world themselves! I am thinking perhaps they have watched one too many "Avenger" Movies...

But hey, more power to you Mr. Astronaut. You go save the world, you overachiever you. :)

A whopping 10 camels.

OK, so some people over in the middle east must have REALLY missed the class on how to be effective terrorists.

Perhaps if they had offered something of theirs what was a bit more tantalizing to us infidel American types, like 10 tickets to the Superbowl, or 10 days vacation.

Stupid terrorists....

In yet another spooky surveillance twist comes news that the Department of Homeland Security is perfecting plans for the installation of street lights in a town near you - a small Michigan town will be the first - that have cameras, motion detectors and even a speaker system for the barking of adverts and "civic announcements". The creator of this system is Intellistreets, which advertises itself as providing "infinite control for all forms of security, energy management, data harvesting and digital media". It won't be long before, as in Britain, we have the voice of Big Brother drone from the speakers "We are watching you". If you are having trouble believing that this is actually happening in Britain, read this. They are just a few years ahead of

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