Well, as if Florida doesn't have enough strange things happening these days, a wandering beach-comber has discovered a softball sized eyeball washed up in the sand. The intrepid individual turned the socketless seer over to the Florida Wildlife Commision on Wednesday, who have been trying to identify what species of swimmer this thing belongs to since. 

          The story found its way into the archives of the National Geographic, who has opened up the mystery to the public. ("Seeing" as how the Squid experts were busy doing more important things...) Guesses range from Squid to Swordfish to Tuna to Aliens. DNA testing will answer many of these questions as results come in. 

          Seriously though... what the hell could be so much more important for a Giant Squid Expert?! That seems to me to be the real mystery/conspiracy here. Silly Squid experts...

A few days ago, we posted about a Near-Earth Asteroid that had been discovered only a few days prior. The object was dubbed "2012 LZ1" and was estimated to be about the size of a city block, and would have a greater chance (still less than 1%) of hitting the Earth in 2040.

As 2012 LZ1 passed, observers were able to obtain more data. Surprisingly there was quite the good news, bad news, scenario.

Bad news? Well, 2012 LZ1 was measured to be more than double in size from what was originally thought. Now estimated to be approximately 0.6 miles wide (that's about 995 meters). Were it to impact Earth, the devastation would be global.

Good news? With the new information, scientists recalculated the orbital nature of 2012 LZ1 to find there was no chance of this object hitting the Earth for another 750 years!

So with yet another global calamity postponed, we are all feeling pretty good about this home we call Earth. right? Do not forget: 2012 LZ1 was a near miss and we were only aware of it days prior to perihelion. There are thousands and thousands of these planet killer objects out there that we have no inkling of information about. Truly, Life here on our earth is special, delicate, and fragile.

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This octopus knows whats up! Caught on camera attached to the genital slit (that is a legitimate science term, get your mind out of the gutter!) of a dolphin as it jumped out of the water. Scientists were baffled at first, but on closer examination they discovered the stow away.

When asked about the experience, the octopus replied... "Tastes like tuna"... Ok I made that part up, but still. Cool story!

Here is a slice of geek heaven! It's a sampling of the Star Wars Pinup collection, created by Joseph DeMarco, whose love of Star Wars and WWII pinups led to this beautiful mashup. Long live the Empire! And the Alliance!
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Here is a pic showing Justin Bieber's face in meat form. Is this the  work of a truly devoted fan? Or, is this a creepy joke? No matter - it's very strange, and qualifies for bizarre photo of the day.
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Here is a collection of hilariously cute pictures of an adorable baby recreating famous film scenes. This is Baby Arthur, who has been modeling for his mother, Emily Cleaver, over in the UK. She has "shot" well-known scenes from films like Jaws, American Beauty, and The Shining. So how did this all start?
"She said: 'I was just playing with Arthur when the idea of recreating Alien came into my head.
'I used a cuddly toy to recreate the alien coming out of John Hurt's chest and I took a photo of Arthur on my mobile phone."
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                                                                         Blair Witch Project

                                          American Beauty

                                           The Shining

                                         The Godfather

This is a list of pics that show human "faces" in strange places, from cheese graters to autumn leaves. Enjoy the weirdness!

Excerpted from Marcfolio
This was found in Ukraine.
I vote for Anonymous, especially with the WikiLeaks Top Secret banner on the truck in the background and the "AnonyOps/Twitter" photo tag. However, this character does have what looks to be a genuine NYPD uniform. A pro-Anonymous cop? Still an interesting, and clever, choice of garb.
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Ah, the 1950's. It was a far more innocent time than now. A small house with a white picket fence. I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners on TV. Ike was president. And there were whiskey dispensers in the cafeteria at work. As this picture below demonstrates, the 1950's really did have the kind of "man's world" elements depicted on Mad Men.