This octopus knows whats up! Caught on camera attached to the genital slit (that is a legitimate science term, get your mind out of the gutter!) of a dolphin as it jumped out of the water. Scientists were baffled at first, but on closer examination they discovered the stow away.

When asked about the experience, the octopus replied... "Tastes like tuna"... Ok I made that part up, but still. Cool story!

Mama told me to poop on a daisy. Mmmmm . . . smell that special daisy!
If you are willing and able to shell out enough money to buy a new car, and you are a Star Wars geek to the tenth power, then you should be able to purchase one of these Carbon-Fiber Stormtrooper Suits. If you have to work for the evil empire, you might as well do it style.
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A mound of tires in rural South Carolina is causing a ruckus as reports claim it can be seen from outer space. Covering more than 50 acres, no one seems to know how the approximately quarter million tires happened to gather there, though authorities have charged one person in connection with the giant mound of rubber.
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If you've ever desired to acquire the skills necessary to wage battle against the undead, then there's a one day military boot camp available just for you in the UK. For about $90, you can spend the day at the Zombie Boot Camp learning crucial weapons skills - including sidearms, grenades and a chainsaw- while wearing full military gear, and top it all off by demonstrating your newly gained skills by "clear(ing) a ware house full of zombies".
A spokesman for wish.co.uk, the group sponsoring the one-day survival course, says ""It's a great idea for a Christmas or birthday present, especially if you want to get something that the person you are buying for would never expect. Plus, if a zombie invasion ever did occur, you might even be able to save the world."
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Yes, this really happened. Twenty years later, Barbara Walters apparently regrets her interview with the Half-Shell Heroes: "I do not want to go down in history for interviewing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”  Instead, the sometimes-mostly serious Walters would like to be remembered for a gotcha gem like this. Enjoy dude!
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Here is one of the best business cards you'll ever see, courtesy of one now deceased United States Marine. The original post on Reddit says " Friends Father Died - they found these after. He must have handed them out to the womens at bars." Priceless.

Here is a collection of hilariously cute pictures of an adorable baby recreating famous film scenes. This is Baby Arthur, who has been modeling for his mother, Emily Cleaver, over in the UK. She has "shot" well-known scenes from films like Jaws, American Beauty, and The Shining. So how did this all start?
"She said: 'I was just playing with Arthur when the idea of recreating Alien came into my head.
'I used a cuddly toy to recreate the alien coming out of John Hurt's chest and I took a photo of Arthur on my mobile phone."
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                                                                         Blair Witch Project

                                          American Beauty

                                           The Shining

                                         The Godfather

Listen carefully to the audio in this video. The female dispatcher's voice is clear, but the man seems to be slurring his words a bit, which leads me to believe he had more than a pint! In any case, this may have been a crank call . . . but who knows? Either way, it's hilarious to think that someone has actually confused the Moon for a UFO.