Really, really, really, FAST!
The technology for these computing speeds is "rapidly approaching" (Get it? Ha! I crack myself up!) and that is being made possible by a team of scientists at the University of Southern California.

By manipulating and "twisting" light they are able to send information much more quickly than ever before.

Imagine playing your favorite video game, online, with near realistic graphics resolution and ZERO LAG! I am so damned excited!

Artists Francois Robert has assembled this collection of images, all of which present an element of danger or death as the result of violence - and they are all made with human bones. He calls the series "Stop The Violence".
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Here is a pic showing Justin Bieber's face in meat form. Is this the  work of a truly devoted fan? Or, is this a creepy joke? No matter - it's very strange, and qualifies for bizarre photo of the day.
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This is a series of fascinating illustrations detailing six possible scenarios whereby the Axis Powers would invade the United States during World War Two. These appeared in the March 2, 1942 issue of Life magazine, when war fever, fear and paranoia was at a high pitch. All of these plans are horrifying, and would have included landings on the shorelines and bloody battles fought in American cities. Luckily, none of these plans ever came to fruition, as the two gigantic oceans that flank North America proved an insurmountable obstacle, among other things - namely our rapid mobilization to get, en masse, to their area of the world first. This, perhaps more than any other historical fact, proves to me that geography is destiny.
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Here is one of the best business cards you'll ever see, courtesy of one now deceased United States Marine. The original post on Reddit says " Friends Father Died - they found these after. He must have handed them out to the womens at bars." Priceless.

Twenty year old Mayuko Kanazawa, a student at Japan's Tama Art University, has created what must be the strangest font design yet - the Leg Hair Font! Inspired by a challenge from her profs at the Department of Design, and a hairy male friend that complained of leg pain, the enterprising young student was able to manipulate, twist and design the hairs into uppercase and lowercase fonts. Can you imagine submitting a paper or report in this font? Go ahead . . . I dare you.
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This is a list of pics that show human "faces" in strange places, from cheese graters to autumn leaves. Enjoy the weirdness!

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Just in time for Halloween, here is a collection of excellent pumpkin carving designs. The designs, by well-known sculptor Ray Villafane - who rose to prominence while teaching K-12 art in Michigan and whose work has been featured on the Food Network and has been displayed anywhere from Hollywood to the President’s Quarters in the White House- range from staid to spooky, but are always a treat to look at this time of year.
Courtesy Villafane Studios

This awesome video is a demonstration of what will no doubt be a kid-craze this holiday season. These are
Air Swimmers, inflatable remote controlled Clownfish and Sharks. With four AAA batteries and between about $30.00 and $60.00, you can have fun scaring your kids, acting like a big kid (that's me), or annoying the neighbors. Check out the awesomeness below!

A very creative and enterprising student at Kingston University in London has designed a washing machine that looks like an arcade video game. Lee Wei Chen's design, which he call the "amusement washing machine", is a video game console on the top half, and a washing machine on the bottom half. He connected the circuitry of both in order to create the fun hybrid machine, so that the functionality of the wash cycle is dependent upon the progress one makes in playing the game portion.
"Players put three pound coins into the machine and are given three lives - this also turns the washing machine on. If players fail to progress beyond a certain level without losing their lives, the washing machine responds by refusing to move onto the next stage of its cycle and the player has to add more money."
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