The inimitable EnglishRussia has posted a very odd collection of portraits of celebrities in Russian general uniforms. It is important to scroll through the entire page, as some of the best is saved near the end (Elvis, Steve Jobs?). My favorite: Daniel Craig. He just looks like he was made for the part, though I may be thinking more of a Cold War era Soviet general. Which is your favorite? Look at the full list here.
Below is a must see video, but for now... the introduction!
Theo Janson is a kinetic sculpter and builder in Holland. He has used PVC piping to create very life-like structures that harness the wind to move. These creations look like bugs crawling up and down the sand dunes. These things are so realistic that it is almost hard to believe! They seem to effortlessly move around in a strange insect-like way. I know if I had a beach, I would want one. Hell, I want one anyway!

 Make sure to watch this video all the way through. I am absolutely astonished!
Here is a neat and very inventive collection of work from artist Mark Khaisman. This artwork was made with packing tape, and includes Curly from the Three Stooges! Read more about it at ArtStormer.
In 2009, Artist Dylan Roscover produced what is now a rather fitting tribute to Steve Jobs. It is a portrait of Jobs in a variety of typeface. The text is from the famous "Here's To The Crazy One's" Apple campaign of the 90's.