Spray-on lithium batteries. This substance is rechargeable and ready to be applied anytime and anywhere.

"We can convert almost any object to a battery," Neelam Singh, a materials scientist at Rice University in Houston, told InnovationNewsDaily. "Spray painting is already an industrial process, so it would be very easy to incorporate this into industry,"

Artists Francois Robert has assembled this collection of images, all of which present an element of danger or death as the result of violence - and they are all made with human bones. He calls the series "Stop The Violence".
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Just in time for Halloween, here is a collection of excellent pumpkin carving designs. The designs, by well-known sculptor Ray Villafane - who rose to prominence while teaching K-12 art in Michigan and whose work has been featured on the Food Network and has been displayed anywhere from Hollywood to the President’s Quarters in the White House- range from staid to spooky, but are always a treat to look at this time of year.
Courtesy Villafane Studios

A Japanese art collective that goes by the name of  ChimPom has found an interesting solution to a Tokyo rat infestation: they killed the rats and turned them into exhibits as taxidermied Pikachus. After some difficulty in trapping them and ending their verminous existence, they painted them yellow, placed the signature Pikachu red dots, and ran wire through their tales to "pose" them.
The idea to do this was prompted by the presence of the so-called "super-rats" of Tokyo, so known for their supposed immunity to rat poison. So, the ingenious and strange ChimPomer's decided to help solve the super-rat issue while doing what ingenious and strange Japanese artists do: attack problems while simultaneously making reference to ubiquitous animated characters.
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Spanish photographer and artist Rafa Zubiria has created two series - Zooo and No Way Home - of surreal, floating images that are well worth examining. The beauty of the images is tinged with a dreamlike quality that is worthy of Lewis Carroll's written imagery or Salvador Dali's visual oddities. The very imaginative series by Rafa Zubiria can be found here.

I stumbled across this picture while surfing the Net. For some reason I was just struck by the awesome, yet simple beauty of this gorgeous picture. It's beautiful Autumn scenery on a beautiful Autumn day at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Woodstock, Vermont.
Marcos Zotes, an artist based in NYC, projects a creepy, moving eyeball onto the bottom of a water tower in Brooklyn, New York. The effect is at once chilling and instructive, as it speaks to the pervasive surveillance of citizens that exists in the 21st century. Via Neatorama

Here is a collection of somewhat strange but oddly cool crochet masks. According to designer and artist Aldo Lanzini, these masks are designed on the body, and are a series of geometric shapes inspired by music. Lanzini employs a wide array of color and shapes to respond to the inspiration of the music he listens to. These could come in handy on a cold day this winter!
One question: what music is he listening to?

This is a beautiful interactive view inside of the Sistine Chapel, complete with A Capella music and movement controlled by your mouse. Definitely a nice little distraction from the hustle and bustle  of life, and a transport into the height of High Renaissance Art.