Ex-NASA Scientists have decided that they are not happy with the anti-asteroid efforts of the scientific community and have joined forces to save the world themselves! I am thinking perhaps they have watched one too many "Avenger" Movies...

But hey, more power to you Mr. Astronaut. You go save the world, you overachiever you. :)

Some very brave souls decided to find one of the highest bridges in Europe, scope out the territory, and then suspend some two dozen people from this very tall bridge . . . in a jacuzzi. These folks attached ropes from one side of the bridge and then rappelled down these ropes to build a platform to hold the jacuzzi. After several days of training and building, the entire crew, one by one, lowered themselves from the relative safety of the bridge down into the heated waters in the jacuzzi. The full, fascinating document of these intrepid adventurers and their love of jacuzzi induced thrills in the sky can be found here.