Yes, he's discovered something amazing! Or, grown up fun with baby shampoo. Enjoy!
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Twenty year old Mayuko Kanazawa, a student at Japan's Tama Art University, has created what must be the strangest font design yet - the Leg Hair Font! Inspired by a challenge from her profs at the Department of Design, and a hairy male friend that complained of leg pain, the enterprising young student was able to manipulate, twist and design the hairs into uppercase and lowercase fonts. Can you imagine submitting a paper or report in this font? Go ahead . . . I dare you.
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I remember watching the movie Coogan's Bluff, which is a 1968 Clint Eastwood action flick set in San Fransisco, as an adolescent kid in the 80's. When I watched it, it was the height of Nancy Reagan's"Just Say No" campaign, and the War On Drugs was in full swing. It was a pretty typical crime-action film, and then . . . this scene appeared on the screen. Needless to say, I was a bit confused. First of all, what is a Pigeon Toed Orange Peel? There's the lights, the naked chicks, the song - which is the same name as the club, Pigeon Toed Orange Peel - the spooky images. What in the hell? My parents took the opportunity to tell me that this is what drugs do to you - you end up dancing wildly at a club with a crazy name, to a song of the same name, where half the girls are naked (nothing wrong with that, my 14 year old brain thought), and images of tarantulas and skeletons were flashed everywhere so you could start to feel really groovy.
Needless to say, my parents were on the War on Drugs bandwagon, and thought this a prime moment to school me on the rather deleterious effects of drugs. In retrospect, this movie snippet was nothing more than a badly produced anti-drug PSA, late 60's style. After all, this is what those crazy hippies were up to. So, lock your kids indoors, lest they should escape and end up tripping the light fantastic at the Pigeon Toed Orange Peel!
Due to copious shots of topless go-go girls, probably NSFW.

No kidding. Here is a video that reveals the strange story behind this awful, dead human toe and alcohol infused concoction. Those who a brave - or sick -enough to drink Sourtoe Cocktail are referred to as "Sourtoers". And here's the best part of all - the dead toe has to touch your lips when drinking the mix in order to be considered an official initiate. Watch if you dare!
More on Sourtoe cocktail here and here.

Here is a collection of awesome dollar bill art, all which makes reference to popular culture, both in the portraits and in the messages at the bottom (Yoda=Jedi Master). This is all the product of the mind of artist James Charles, who should be thanked for his (illegal?) tampering with the nation's currency. I wonder, as a percentage, how many Americans would be willing to carry currency adorned with Pop iconography, as opposed to the current lineup of dead presidents and political figures?
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This is a list of pics that show human "faces" in strange places, from cheese graters to autumn leaves. Enjoy the weirdness!

Excerpted from Marcfolio
Pictured below is the ultimate guide to highfalutin putdowns, courtesy of the Bard. Just match one word from each of the columns, precede with "thou" and you are on your way to the Shakespearean insult, thou mammering doghearted nut-hook!
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This was found in Ukraine.
I vote for Anonymous, especially with the WikiLeaks Top Secret banner on the truck in the background and the "AnonyOps/Twitter" photo tag. However, this character does have what looks to be a genuine NYPD uniform. A pro-Anonymous cop? Still an interesting, and clever, choice of garb.
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