Canon has released a new commercial in Thailand which shows that the best way to capture a woman's love is to don your stalking cap and start following her everywhere . . . while using Canon products to document her every move, of course. While some prolonged, admiring glances are exchanged between stalker guy and the young beauty, he never once attempts to speak to her. Given this, it's rather interesting that she accepts the invitation that he leaves in her locker. But, all is well in the end, for stalking = love, don't cha know?
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John, Paul, George and Ringo . . . John, Paul, George and Ringo . . . John, Paul, George and Ringo . . . John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Just in time for Halloween, here is a collection of excellent pumpkin carving designs. The designs, by well-known sculptor Ray Villafane - who rose to prominence while teaching K-12 art in Michigan and whose work has been featured on the Food Network and has been displayed anywhere from Hollywood to the President’s Quarters in the White House- range from staid to spooky, but are always a treat to look at this time of year.
Courtesy Villafane Studios

Ah, the 1950's. It was a far more innocent time than now. A small house with a white picket fence. I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners on TV. Ike was president. And there were whiskey dispensers in the cafeteria at work. As this picture below demonstrates, the 1950's really did have the kind of "man's world" elements depicted on Mad Men.
This awesome video is a demonstration of what will no doubt be a kid-craze this holiday season. These are
Air Swimmers, inflatable remote controlled Clownfish and Sharks. With four AAA batteries and between about $30.00 and $60.00, you can have fun scaring your kids, acting like a big kid (that's me), or annoying the neighbors. Check out the awesomeness below!

A Japanese art collective that goes by the name of  ChimPom has found an interesting solution to a Tokyo rat infestation: they killed the rats and turned them into exhibits as taxidermied Pikachus. After some difficulty in trapping them and ending their verminous existence, they painted them yellow, placed the signature Pikachu red dots, and ran wire through their tales to "pose" them.
The idea to do this was prompted by the presence of the so-called "super-rats" of Tokyo, so known for their supposed immunity to rat poison. So, the ingenious and strange ChimPomer's decided to help solve the super-rat issue while doing what ingenious and strange Japanese artists do: attack problems while simultaneously making reference to ubiquitous animated characters.
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In yet another spooky surveillance twist comes news that the Department of Homeland Security is perfecting plans for the installation of street lights in a town near you - a small Michigan town will be the first - that have cameras, motion detectors and even a speaker system for the barking of adverts and "civic announcements". The creator of this system is Intellistreets, which advertises itself as providing "infinite control for all forms of security, energy management, data harvesting and digital media". It won't be long before, as in Britain, we have the voice of Big Brother drone from the speakers "We are watching you". If you are having trouble believing that this is actually happening in Britain, read this. They are just a few years ahead of

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Here is an awesome video that shows the opening to the 1970's Japanese version of Spiderman. Comes complete with funky 70's soundtrack, plenty of awesome moves from Spidey, and since we are in Japan, ends with obligatory Mecha sequence. Enjoy!

Spanish photographer and artist Rafa Zubiria has created two series - Zooo and No Way Home - of surreal, floating images that are well worth examining. The beauty of the images is tinged with a dreamlike quality that is worthy of Lewis Carroll's written imagery or Salvador Dali's visual oddities. The very imaginative series by Rafa Zubiria can be found here.